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Audio Bug Spy Gadget 1-3/4 Miles Transmission

Secretly listen to conversations with this Audio Bug Spy Gadget. Simple and easy to use, this new model is our most popular yet and comes with Ultra Range Wireless Transmission for high quality audio spying from thousands of meters away! Approximately 1-3/4 miles, under suitable conditions.

This Audio Bug Spy Gadget comes in 2 parts: an audio transmitter and receiver. The small wireless transmitter is a super discrete unit with a built-in microphone and flexible antenna, enabling it to be easily hidden anywhere in the field such as inside the bed, under tables, chairs, desks, wired to the body etc. Best of all, this new Ultra Range Wireless Transmission model will pick up all voices (from whisper to shout) up to thousands of meters away!

This Audio Bug Spy Gadget also comes with an earphone jack for on the spot listening and an extra 3.5mm audio out jack for recording to a digital audio recorder, cassette tape, or portable DVR. This is an incredibly flexible and full-featured audio bug sure to help you catch and record the on-the-spot audio data you need.

But if you thought those listening devices from the James Bond films were too advanced and expensive for normal people like you and me, then prepare to be surprised! This Audio Bug is a high quality spy gadget that comes with a low and affordable price and is made especially for the spy in you.

At a Glance:
FREE Shipping & Handling
Complete Audio Bug Spy Gadget with real-time audio
  • The transmitter is small enough to hide almost anywhere
  • Professional grade audio bug with up to 2800 meter wireless transmission! (Approximately 1-3/4 miles)
  • 3.5mm line OUT jack to record the audio to DVR or similar audio recording device
  • Clear audio reception without any distortion or noise

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Product Description: Professional Grade Audio Bug
  • Transmission Range: Up to 2800 meter open field wireless transmissions (Approximately 1-3/4 miles)
  • Transmitter Has Antenna: YES - flexible wire type
  • Transmitter Controls/Ports
    - Mini USB Power IN (for recharging)
    - ON / OFF switch
    - Antenna
  • Receiver Controls/Ports
    - 3.5mm earphone jack (for Listening)
    - 3.5mm line OUT (for Recording)
    - Volume rotary dial (And On/Off Switch)
    - Antenna connector (for long range transmissions)
  • Transmitting/Receiving Frequency: ISM/UHF band, GM980C use fixed frequency point, GM980DJ use broadband to transmit signal
  • Power Source:
    Transmitter: 850mAh internal li-ion battery
    Receiver: 2x AAA Battery (Not included)
  • Transmitter Battery Life: 8 hours of constant use
  • Dimensions:
    - Transmitter 49mm x 33mm x 20mm (L x W x D)
    - Receiver 95mm x 54mm x 19mm (L x W x D)

Product Notes

  • Audio bug can easily be taped, glued or placed under tables, chairs, desks or similar furniture where conversations normally take palce
  • Receiver has a 3.5mm line OUT jack for recording audio to DVR or similar audio recorder
  • This product is being sold as an investigative tools for law enforcement or licensed investigators. Anyone else ordering this device should only be ordering it as a simple toy since MANY COUNTRIES STRICTLY PROHIBIT OWNERSHIP OF SPY DEVICES.
  • Robust Construction - suitable for years of use

Package Contents

  • Audio Transmitter
  • Audio Receiver
  • User Manual - English
  • Mini USB Cable (for charging)
  • Power Adapter
  • Earphones

Price: $174.99
Audio Bug Spy Gadget 1-3/4 Miles Transmission
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